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Nizam Shipping Lines




Barisal & Dhaka

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Nizam Uddin is also the Managing Director of the company. Already Three ships are running Barisal-Dhaka-Barisal rut built by it. Those are Adventure-1, Adventure-5 & Adventue-9. The passengers are satisfied with our service and they requesting us to build more ships from Barisal-Dhaka-Barisal Rut. Our company is already building up new ships Advtue-6 & 10. We hope that those two ships will join with Adventure soon. All the ships are well decorated and provide comfortable service with a safe journey. There are a lot of service providers on our ships and they provide their services smoothly. There are highly decorated world-class cabins for passengers on the ships.

More about Nizam Shipping Lines

The company takes pride in its commitment to delivering a safe and enjoyable journey for its passengers. All the ships are not only well-decorated but also equipped with world-class amenities to ensure a comfortable travel experience.

  • Positive feedback from passengers.
  • High demand prompts requests for additional ships on the Barisal-Dhaka-Barisal route.
  • Anticipation for these new additions to join the existing fleet soon.
  • A strong commitment to ensuring a safe journey for all travelers.
  • Well decorated Cabins with utmost luxury

The passengers have expressed high levels of satisfaction with the services provided, leading to an increased demand for more ships on the Barisal-Dhaka-Barisal route. Responding to this demand, the company is currently in the process of constructing two new ships, Adventure-6 and Adventure-10, which are expected to join the existing fleet soon.