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The Barishal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), as a vital regional entity, is committed to coordinating and advancing the interests of its federating units, including local Chambers of Commerce, Trade, and Industrial Associations. With a specific focus on the Barishal region, the BCCI actively engages in promoting investment and fostering development across key sectors, such as trade, commerce, industry, agriculture, tourism, human resources, and communication.

At its core, the BCCI plays a pivotal role in advocating for the private sector’s cause by actively participating in consultations with the local government, Ministerial Consultative Committees, and other relevant regional bodies. The chamber extends its support to local business entities by assisting in the organization of Trade and Industry Fairs within the Barishal region, promoting economic activities and collaboration.

In addition to its regional initiatives, the BCCI is actively involved in collecting and disseminating crucial statistical and informational resources essential for the advancement of trade and industry in the Barishal area. The chamber places a strong emphasis on promoting commercial, technical, industrial, and scientific education to contribute to the overall development of the region.

The BCCI, as a regional trade organization, undertakes research activities to study and facilitate the growth of trade and industry within the Barishal region. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in establishing bilateral ties and facilitating economic cooperation between Barishal and other regions, thereby promoting regional economic development.

Maintaining close relationships with local and regional trade and industrial associations, the BCCI actively participates in various Committees and Task Forces related to specific regional issues. Serving as the representative voice of the private sector in Barishal, the chamber contributes significantly to regional policy discussions, economic development initiatives, and decision-making processes.

In summary, the Barishal Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a key regional player, actively shaping and promoting the interests of the private sector within the Barishal region across various economic and regional forums.

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