Anchor Bricks Industries Ltd.

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Company Name

Anchor Bricks Industries Ltd.




Barisal Bangladesh


50Lac bricks/year

Company Details

Anchor Bricks, a subsidiary of Nizam Group, was established in the year 2004 as a pivotal addition to the conglomerate’s diverse portfolio. Specializing in the production of bricks, the company has since carved a niche for itself in the construction and building materials industry.

What We Do

With nearly two decades of experience, Anchor Bricks has become a reliable name known for its commitment to quality and efficiency. The company boasts a robust manufacturing facility equipped with advanced technology and machinery. 

  • With nearly two decades of experience
  • Produces an impressive 50 lakh bricks per year.
  • Anchor Bricks places a strong emphasis on quality control measures, ensuring the durability and reliability of its products.
  • Aligning with broader industry trends and environmental responsibility.
  • Reflecting its commitment to customer satisfaction.

This technological prowess enables Anchor Bricks to achieve an impressive production capacity of 50 lakh bricks per year, contributing significantly to the construction sector’s demand for high-quality building materials.

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