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The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) functions as a crucial entity to coordinate and promote the interests of its federating units, which include Chambers of Commerce, Trade, and Industrial Associations. The primary objectives of the FBCCI revolve around aiding and stimulating investment across various sectors, such as trade, commerce, industry, agriculture, tourism, human resources, and communication in Bangladesh.

One of FBCCI’s key roles is to project, encourage, and safeguard the cause of the private sector by actively participating in consultations with the government, Ministerial Consultative Committees, and other inter-ministerial bodies and agencies. Additionally, the organization provides assistance to Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Associations in organizing Trade and Industry Fairs across different regions of Bangladesh.

FBCCI is instrumental in collecting and disseminating statistical and other information essential for the advancement of trade and industry. It also plays a vital role in promoting commercial, technical, industrial, and scientific education in the country by making efforts to spread relevant knowledge.

Furthermore, FBCCI engages in research activities to study and promote the growth of trade and industry. It plays a significant role in forging strong bilateral ties between Bangladesh and other countries, facilitating commercial and economic cooperation. The organization actively promotes Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), including Joint Ventures in Bangladesh, and identifies appropriate partners for such ventures.

Maintaining close relations with Overseas National Chambers of Commerce and other Trade and Industrial Associations, FBCCI actively participates in various Committees and Task Forces on specific issues constituted by the government. As the Apex Trade Organization, FBCCI plays a pivotal role in providing consultative and advisory input in the formulation of commercial, industrial, and fiscal policies at the national level. The organization represents the private sector in different permanent committees of the government and autonomous bodies, contributing significantly to discussions and decisions that impact the national economy. Overall, FBCCI serves as a key player in shaping and advocating for the interests of the private sector in Bangladesh across various economic and governmental forums.

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